꩜ Our story 

Find us among the mountains, by the river or hurdled down below the tall trees. In nature is where we feel alive. Our aim in life is to live an easy life where we spread kindness on our way, while experiencing as many sunrises and sunsets as we can. Where we share this earth with our fellow living beings and thread gently on the paths we wonder. Our story starts on New Years '17/'18 where we met and fell head over heels in love. After just a few weeks Nanna followed Sam to Costa Rica where we spend some magical days together in the rainforest looking at macaws and monkeys high up in the tress and skinny-dipping in the pacific. Sam quite quickly thereafter moved to Denmark and into Nanna's camper van, where we lived together for 2 years, traveling around the small country exploring the many beaches and woodlands, before relocation back to Sam's homecountry (UK) where we live most of our time today. 

We are both self taught in our crafts and are constantly developing our skills and changing up our style inspired by our journeys. We are also both curious people who love learning and picking up new skills as we come across inspiring humans on our wanderings.

We travel with our beloved beige Luton campervan home, Bimble. We are called to mountains as much as life allows us and especially the Scottish islands and Wales has our hearts. Our journeys are mainly guided by Sam's work, where he gets hired to do camper van conversions, landscape gardening or carpentry and we create our crafts on the road as we go.

One day we dream of having a little piece of land where we can grow food, have fruit bushes and plant trees and wild flowers to support our pollinators and wildlife.