꩜ Created on the road 

We create on the road around the UK, in our rolling home Bimblevan. Sam is an avid woodworking artist, who loves to create handmade native american flutes, wooden spoons, magical staffs & wands and bits to make life on the road easier for fellow van people. Nanna makes jewellery and the occasional crocheted garments. She loves working with healing gemstones and brass, but also have an eye for finding natural treasures such as pebbles, sea glass and little pieces of driftwood to add into her creations. All our creations are inspired by the nature that surrounds us and with the respect and care for Mother Nature in mind. 


꩜ Take Care 

Taking care of your newest creation is easy. All jewellery comes packed in a cotton storage bag, so when you are not wearing it you can store it securely away from dust and dirt. We don't recommend that you wear the jewellery while showering, bathing or swimming or sleep with the jewellery on. All brass tarnishes a bit when worn, but can easily be shined up again with brass polish and a soft cloth. Don't ever use harsh chemicals on metals or gemstones. When wearing and storing your crystal jewellery be aware to not bring it in contact with other stones that has a harder surface, as this can scratch up the surface of the gemstones. 

All wooden creations are finished with a smooth sanding and oiled with tunge oil, which is derived from nuts. The tunge oil is foodsafe, but not suitable for people with nut allergi. Please make sure to maintain your wooden tools by oiling them twice a year, we recommend a walnut oil if you don't have tung readily available. Our wooden creations can be washed in hand, but are not dishwasher safe. 

꩜ Commissions ꩜

We would LOVE to create something special just for you! So if you have an idea you’d like to share with us and maybe let us bring into reality, please just send us a message. With jewellery you and Nanna will discuss your idea and you will have a selection of gemstones and hardware to choose between. You can even send over if you have a gemstone or a piece of sea glass/a pebble you love that you’d like made into a piece of special jewellery. We can also source other crystals than what we have in stock if you are okey with a bit of a wait on your creation, as all our gemstones are sourced abroad.

If you are looking for a special wooden creation of Sam’s, that is possible too, you and Sam will discuss what wood can be sourced and he’ll make your wishes come true.

Lead times on commissions are normally a few weeks, unless raw materials find hard to come by. 
We would be grateful for a deposit placed before we start commission work. 


꩜ Packaging 

We always pack plastic free and reuse as much as possible. So if you receive a parcel from us that are packed in a reused cardboard box or envelope, know that this is to take better care of the earth.


꩜ Shipping 

Because we are on the move we are not always near a post office, but we do try to as much as possible to ship all orders with 1-3 days time, if it will be longer we will check in with you if this is alright. We ship all packages with Royal Mail 1st class. If you are ordering from abroad, the package will be handed over to your national postal service once it reaches your country.